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Dog Fence

Dog Fence

Tenax Brand
deer fence - rounded strand premium quality poly deer fencing material:Tenax has been in plastic technology for over 50 years and over 25 years in geogrids.  Tenax is well known in the industry for manufacturing and perfecting a premium rounded strand deer fence material. Rounded strand fencing is more difficult to make but is stronger, less visible and lasts longer than flat strand comparable weight fencing.

These rolls are used for deer exclusion or containment.

Deer net folded/DIY kits are for temporary applications (up to 3 years) and are best suited for placement around shrubs or individual plant beds

C-Flex is a 15 year fencing for up to areas up to 500 linear feet approximately

C-Flex P is a 20 year fencing for 500 linear feet or more approximately, suitable for a perimeter fence

C-Flex HD is a 25 year fencing for commercial applications or for maximum protection

Critterfence Brand 

 Rolls of poly fencing material (not folded) 1 3/4" approximate square opening size

 Strong yet flexible, easy to work with

Rounded strand tensile design

 UV protected with inhibitors for longevity

Not sold in stores

 Matte black polypropylene

Nearly invisible from a few feet away

 Corrosion proof