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Sure-Loc Edging


Sure-Loc Edging is a product highly recommended by landscapers, architects and designers who care how the end product turns out. Landscaping should look clean, sharp, crisp and defined. Sure-Loc Edging makes a variety of high quality product choices, such as Aluminum and Steel Edging, Aluminum and Plastic Paver Restraints, along with their Wolverine garden tools line, that last the test of time. Today I am focusing on the Aluminum Edging.

Sure-Loc's Aluminum Edging is made in the U.S.A. of recycled aluminum materials. It is easy to install and has a slight bend to create beautiful curves. This edging has the greatest longevity compared to other edging products. There is minimal to no maintenance and looks great. High strength aluminum alloy withstands years of maintenance abuse, and is non-toxic with excellent corrosion resistance and high thermal conductivity.

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Sure-Loc Edging has a locking system that, hands down is what, makes it the best edging around.  It has overlapping joints to ensure the connections remains permanent and gives it that seamless and crisp look with invisible connections. The end stake adapters slide over the edging that allow for staking where you like. Their rigid and groove design allows edging to retain a solid grip in the ground. When temperature changes the Anti-Frost Technology allows stake pockets in edging to accept a stake at a 45 degree angle. This allows the stakes to stay in place when the ground start to shift.

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Sure-Loc Aluminum Edging is offered in 5 color options and different sizes. The Crisp Edge design is the 1/8" size. (Comes by 4" or 5.5") This is primarily used for residential and light commercial applications. The Sure Edge design is a 3/16" size. (Comes by 4", 5.5", or 8") This is primarily used for commercial, industrial, institutional projects and other high traffic areas.

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Next time you look at your yard think about this.....Are the lines in your yard Clean? Sharp? Crisp? Defined? If not, visit us at www.fencerwire.com and browse our selection of Sure-Loc Edging.

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