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Shipping methods and information:


When weight and dimensions of the items you order are within limits, we will ship via FedEx Ground. Some items, such as rolls of wire will be either wrapped or shipped in boxes.

Common carrier

When weight, number and size of the items ordered exceed FedEx shipping requirements, we will ship via truck. Deliveries will not be made without a signature. All truck shipments are made via Freightquote.com.

Residential delivery fee

Residential delivery fee applies when shipping by common carrier. A fee is charged for any delivery made to a non-commercial location, such as construction sites, farms, schools and country clubs. Residential fees for truck deliveries range between $50.00 and $70.00 per delivery. There is a charge for a lift gate if required in order to make delivery. Charge may be higher for shipments over 2,000 pounds. The decision about a location's status is determined by the carrier.


Shipments are made with freight charges prepaid. We do not ship freight collect.


We do not ship C.O.D.